Support Services

EDA Softwares Training

NSCAD has training courses developed internally, oriented to Design Houses, research centers and university groups. The training courses are about ICs projects methodology and present an overview about all design flow of digital, analog and functional verification. NSCAD also develops requested training courses, so you can contact us sending an email or calling us.

For people interested in working on integrated circuits area, there is also the National Program of Integrated Circuits Designers Training. NSCAD is responsible for the Training Center 1, and has a large number of instructors who are able to teach this Program classes. They have been certified by the American company Cadence Design Systems. For further information, see at the menu “CI Brasil”.

Installation and Configuration of EDA Environments

NSCAD does both installation and configuration of EDA tools, and consultancy in hardware and software infrastructure area to setup a professional project environment.

Consultancy to Prototype ICs, Give permission to EDA Software and Design Kits

NSCAD offers consultancy to get and give permission to EDA softwares and design kits offered by foundries. Also it orients towards IC prototyping processes by multi-projects services, as MOSIS, CMP and Europractice.